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Hard work or Smart work?

Our education system always told us to work hard so that you will never face any problem in your future journey. Even our elders told hard work always pay off. So directly or indirectly they also promote hard work, well they all are right in their perspective and they are more experienced persons as compare to you but yes in some area you may be better. But in short hard work or smart work is only an option, so you need to use your intelligence to choose an option wisely in your life journey. Even you do hard work smartly with your intelligence.

Remember hard work does not all about give your blood, sweat, tears.

So you need to choose wisely when to do hard work or smart work.


  • Plan your day in advance
  • Not just for your day but have a plan or strategy for how to tackle your weak & month
  • Set boundaries with your friends, family & others  won’t be available for everyone & anyone
  • Time yourself
  • Work smart as hard as you can
  • Enjoy the process
  • Always remember the 80/20 principle.

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