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Nowadays many studies are coming regarding multitasking whether it is good or bad?

As many students are suffering to this kind of issues, but the standard recommendation is better to complete one task before moving on to another.

But wake up guys it’s a 21st century, where everyone wants a quick result, quick progress which is not easy as they think because there is huge competition. Everyone wants that they never replaced by some other. If you want to do great something in your life rather than stability, if you do one task you will be hired by someone but if you are multitasking person sooner or later you will be capable to hire some other. Now if you think you get specialization in one task and be the king in that area that’s sound might be clean but remember no one is perfect if you will be specialized in that field, you only achieve stability think if after 2-10 year your field value decrease or its recession time for your specialized field what you will do as I always said play safe is not an intelligence but play for long term is!

Let me tell you the benefits of multitasking

  • Multiple viewpoints which will help to make good decisions in life you will be a critical thinker, as well as a good observer.
  • Multitasking person has outstanding thinking ability just like a free thinker whose opinions and suggestions have a great spirit.
  • Single-tasking person can never handle a team because of her ability, her way of thinking, so multitasking habit develops leaders.
  • Multitasking person easily adjusts in any situations or area in life because of her experience, knowledge, ability.

But beware if you follow the multitasking habit always remember some things.

  • The difference between multitasking or delay the work.
  • Your productivity.
  • Your priority.
  • Know your end result and be positive.
  • Give a long time to get the result.
  • Follow yourself not others opinion.
  • Be sure all task which you do must be related to your end goal if they are not correlated with each other my advice is to stay away with multitasking focus on your one task.

For more info search the research by Kelvin Lui and Alan Wong from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. For any doubt comment below And kindly shares this to your loved ones.

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