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What’s millionaire means?

All people want to become a millionaire but don’t know how to be? What’s the cost to be a millionaire or multi-time millionaire. Let’s know something about millionaire mindset.

First ask yourself first why you want to be a millionaire, how you become a millionaire, which profession or business will help you?

Everything has its own value, the more you want, the more you need to sacrifice.


As your elders say “Kuch pane Ke Liye Kuch Khona Padta Hai”



As soon as you sacrifice these things, soon you will be next millionaire its brutal truth-



The most dangerous person on earth is a fake friend that’s why the number one sacrifice is friends. The most real people don’t have a lot of friends in the real world they know many people as you also relate yourself look at your social media accounts lots of friends are available, but in real life, you know very well. One true friend is better than a thousand fakes friends so choose wisely. Surround yourself with only those who will boost you, motivate you, inspire you.


“The smaller the circle is, the fewer snakes and rats you have to worry about.”


Now don’t think that quote “HEALTH IS WEALTH” because that quotes given by some successful peoples who achieve their dreams or become a billionaire maybe you don’t agree with it, don’t worry I’ll connect some dots. Now think your kinfolk ones who become millionaire they also have lots of health issues that’s why to become rich you need to sacrifice your health. But don’t completely ignore your health take a healthy diet do yoga or 15-20 min normal workout. Basically, it’s just indication for the youth who are totally crazy for six-pack abs, gym and all that stuffs your abs not pay your bills, but if you think it worth it go ahead.



Most hobbies are just for a temporary purpose or just for enjoyment if you wanna rich you need to sacrifice your hobbies which are just for enjoyment purpose but if your hobby helps you to boost up follow that one. According to millionaire mindset make some new habits if you wanna rich like read books, update & educate yourself. Once you become rich then its all ups to you how you chose your hobby but before follow this.



One who bought his own Toyota is more successful than the one who show-off his dad’s Lamborghini.

In today’s world, many people use to say “Full ash on dad cash”.

Always remember, it’s okay to lose your pride over what you love. But don’t lose what you love over your pride. Always be grounded in all circumstances in your life. When you feel arrogance inside you, just visit on cremation ground and see how many arrogant are buried.



Well yes it’s true very few know it, it’s all your call ask yourself, think about it you get the answer but this point is very serious so think wisely. But don’t think to leave your family. Guys my point is that create some distance between your dreams and your family.

Work that hard until you create your own brand value rather than use your family value.


Sometimes it takes 10 years to get that one year that will change your life so don’t sit back just go ahead.


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